Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hello and welcome to you all. Ive created this space as a vehicle to share my own work and the work of others.
I do screen printing and have recently started my own in house shop.
Its been a great accomplishment to achieve this goal and I want to share my pieces with anyone who has the time to take a look. Any piece will be available for purchase via paypal.
As well as my own art work I will be using other artist pieces for screening.
I will share new pieces as they are printed.

Music is also a great muse of mine as it is for many who kick their foot and hum along to their favorite tunes. I will be sharing independent artist as well as those who ride the wave of the big name labels. I will also do what Im calling Myspace Music Roulette, i will find a unsigned band or artist from and share a review of my own.

If you have a band and want me to do a review by all means hit me up.
Also if you need any screenprinting work done contact me and Ill work with you.

Thanks for checking out my blog.....
Clay ( Colony Clothing )